David Lartey : #LifeIsBeautiful


I know how it started the wall that we build to separate us
They get wider and stronger till it’s too tall for us to touch

Walls: they protect, they keep from falling off the edge of the world, without them we might not have come this far. But they can easily become cages rather than shelters, making us captives of the limited mindset we had when we built them.

They might be physical. Often times they are mental: made up of our fears, standards, stereotypes, etc. Sadly, unlike their physical counterparts these mental walls can become wider and stronger without being noticed.

I've been having an experience with some of these walls recently and its shocking to see how I react to things because of them. They've all but kept me back this time but I've also become aware of their presence.

Maybe there'll be a next time, I pray there is but one thing's for sure, I have to start reviewing these walls regularly and tearing down those that don't make me a better son, brother, friend, etc.

You should also consider doing a mental search for mental walls that are limiting instead of making you a better person.