David Lartey : #LifeIsBeautiful

No One Cares

Dude, let's face reality:
No one cares about what you want to do.
No one cares about the songs you would write one day or you've written and not sang to anyone.
No one cares about the products you will be building or how much impact it would have on the world.
No one cares about the relationships you will have or how beautiful you future girlfriend will be.
No one cares about what you'll offer them sometime in the future.
In fact, no one cares about any of your journeys until they see you at the destination. People, me, you, them, everybody cares about NOW!

So for the umpteenth time, stop talking and start doing. Except off course you are at the talking stage of your doings.

NB: This is a repost from one of my old blogs.