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2014 Gratitude: Music

It has been another year of great music, this is me showing my gratitude for them. Especially these few.

Rivers in the Wasteland ~ NEEDTOBREATHE

I'm the first one in line to die when the calvary comes

I first heard Difference Maker and Multiplied but ended up loving every track on the album.

Through out the year, the album has been a source of rememberance of God's love and presence during trying times - even when I'm unworthy of it.

Anomaly ~ Lecrae

If you've been called weird before, this album is for you. For me, the album is about "facing your fears and being that someone different."

You don't always see people coming out with the fears they have - including me, I've got loads of them - so when someone does, it's reassuring. Not to gain satisfaction but inspiration knowing someone is/has been on this journey before.

One fear he touched on is that of pushin' people right over the ledge [but] buckl[ing] under pressure. That fear of doing everything right but make a mistake that negates all. I pray - as he does - that God gives me the grace and strength to make it to the end.

I am an #Anomaly, and I'm not alone

Amazing Grace ~ Phil Wickham

This is amazing Grace
This is unfailing love
That You will take my place
that you will bear my cross.

Those lines say it all.

Other albums worth mentioning are Native, Gravity, Deeper Well* and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Soundtrack)**. I also listened to quite a lot of Josh Garrels, Mandisa***, Francesca Battistelli, etc.

I'm grateful to every creative that made any song I heard this year possible. God has used their efforts to make this year what it has been for me. I pray God gives them grace for even more in 2015.

* My 'spiritual' album of the year.
** This album rekindled my love for movie soundtracks.
*** My morning alarm tones.