David Lartey : #LifeIsBeautiful


At the barber shop today someone said "God is the only true Christian." I asked myself about how the speaker defines Christianity. I don't know how he defines it but from his speech you could tell its all about Perfection for him. Yes he is correct. God is the only one that can archieve a perfect perfection - at least on this side of eternity. However, his definition still fails.

God is perfect, we are broken. But His perfect love is making us whole. That for me is all what Christianity is about.

I also think his perspective has been shaped by the behaviour of another 'Christian' around him. Because how we define our faith shapes how we live. And how we live shapes people's perspective of us. And that shapes what how they define our faith. And if its worthy enough, it becomes their faith too.

God's perfection should draw people closer to Him not repel them. People should look at us and see a perfect God that takes broken and imperfect beings and perpares them for perfection in eternity.

Let's be sights of God's love to our brethren.

NB: This is a repost from one of my old blogs.