David Lartey : #LifeIsBeautiful


"Fix my eyes.
A Tethered mind free from the lies"
~ Mumford & Sons

For about a week or two now, "guarding my heart by being anchored on God's word" have been a big theme in my life. Listening to I'll Wait For You rivived this thought again.

The whole song to me is a prayer for the grace to wait. I'll like to focus on the second half of the third verse today.

So tame my flesh
Fix my eyes
A Tethered mind free from the lies

Those lines, the last one especially, tells this truth: the mind can be tied down to an idea or belief and still be free. Wow! And that an "open mind" as the world defines it, may not always mean freedom, as it promises. And being a slave to the truth is the true freedom, though that might not always qualify as cool.

It also leaves a few questions on my mind:

Tame my flesh: for/from what?
Fix my eyes: on what?
Tether my mind: to what?

The philosophies around us are not necessarily evil, no they are not, most are good and worth giving serious thoughts to but no matter how true they may seem now, on their own they will become lies and fail us when troubles come calling.

The Truth, however, has been true before time came to be and will be true after time is out of the scene. He also has a record of never failing anyone in trouble yet. My search for purpose, self-confidence, love and happiness will be futile on anything and anyone else!

Its been my prayer - and I pray, that I pray this all the days of life - that God helps me anchor my life in Him.

PS: I've been reading Gray Matters by Brett McCracken. It talks about faith and how we consume culture: food, music, movies, etc. It's a good book to checkout if you can.