David Lartey : #LifeIsBeautiful

Begin Again

A few years ago I started admiring the art of writing down one’s thoughts. I then developed the habit of keeping a journal, some of those thoughts I shared on my old blogs.

Then, I moved places and I totally lost that habit. What was formerly done somewhat daily, is now only done roughly monthly. And I've used this as an excuse not to keep a blog.

But I'm starting over. I've decided to use this blog to get and keep my writing on track.

One reason for this is: I'm learning that doers are people who are able to get back on track when they go off track. Whether its about writing, sticking to diet or becoming a scientist.

Another thing that helps people get back and stay on track is accountability. So, I’ll like you to help keep me on track. I wont be blogging everyday but if you feel the blog has not been updated for a good enough time without any prior information, you are free to contact me and say so. I'll be grateful when you do.

You should also consider restarting something this week and sharing it with the world.

On a different note, I titled this post after seeing Begin Again sometime last week. Its a nice movie.